By Rudy Ruitenberg

June 28, 2019, 10:02 AM PDT

Climate Changing?

The heatwave frying parts of Europe smashed France’s high-temperature record, with weather service Meteo-France reporting 45.9 degrees Celsius, or 114.6 Fahrenheit, in the town of Gallargues le Montueux near the Mediterranean Sea.

That’s almost 2 degrees Celsius above the previous French record of 44.1 degrees Celsius, set during Europe’s 2003 heatwave.

France sunny

For context, France’s hottest-ever temperature is still 2.1 degrees Celsius behind Europe’s record of 48 degrees Celsius set in Athens, and 8.1 degrees below the highest temperature even measured in the world, 54 degrees Celsius in Kuwait, according to extreme-weather observatory Keraunos.


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