Property Records provides you access to property data instantly, Nationwide!

Access Property Records and recorded Real Estate Data on demand in the comfort of your home today.

Complete Property Profile Package

Comprehensive package that include the Copy of deed, Property details, Transaction history and more...

Property Details Package

View Property Details, transaction history, Comparables, foreclosure and more...

Transaction History Package

PropertyDetails, Transaction history, Comparables, Neighborhood demographics and plat map.

Value Package

Contains Property Details, Transaction History, Comparable and Foreclosure activity

Property Records Comprehensive Data

Our National Property Data helps you create a better financial decision to buy, sell or invest on your new property.

Property Records Data

Access Property Profile Reports and Real estate data on demand. Property Profile gives you the latest data for investing or buying your new home.

Why Choose Our Services

You will have intensive data on a property before going into negotiations. Knowing the properties history will give you insights on the real value of the property. Also, compare recent sold listing in the area so you don’t overpay for the property.

Experienced Team

Property Records Inc. has the combination of technology and expertise to deliver accurate reports nationwide.

Call us today @ (800) 880-7954 and our US base team members  will help and answer your questions promptly.

Immediate Access

With Millions of data that you can access on your desktop, Property Records data can intensive details on the property that you are planning to buy or invest.

Accurate and Nationwide

You will know school districts, flood zone reports, mortgage history background and property valuations in the area you are targeting. Therefore, You will have the most powerful tool in buying or selling your new home.

What Our Clients Say

We strive to help our clients to have the upper hand in knowing more about their property.  Investors can access Real Estate Data on demand.

"Property Records gave us the information for my family to buy in a great neighborhood. Great school district. Truly satisfied." They even have a free credit report link.
As an investor, we are always on the look out for great values in area that we are not familiar with. Property Records convenient Real Estate Data gives me the control to pull the records I need on-demand.
Access to downloadable formats makes my job easier as a realtor. I can show potential clients historical data about the property they like. Great value too.
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