Transaction History Package

With Transaction History Package, you can perform nationwide search for all recorded documents, all on your desk. This is powerful for investors to create more useful data and learn more about trends in the real estate market. Order this service and have the upper hand in negotiations.

Access property data that you need

This report gives you the historical data of a certain property. Transaction History Package is a great value for people trying to sell or buy in older city. See some of our tips before buying a home.

This will show the improvements or upgrades with the property, given this point you can foresee if you need to rehab a lot of the property, saving you time and money before signing on the dotted line.

Transaction History

You will see the history of the property. How many times the home has been sold and if there is any improvement made to the property.

Property Comparison

Don't overpay and know the current prices in a particular area. This will help price your home, if you're selling or buying a new home. This is a powerful negotiating tool for investors too. Property Valuation is one of the main factors in buying a home.

Foreclosure information

Foreclosure information gives you a perspective if the property is in pre-foreclosure or in the foreclosure process already. You can use this as a negotiating factor with the lender, saving you time and money.

Property Profile

This is complete perspective of the property and the area. You'll received the demographics, plat map and even school information in the area. Great information for the value.

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